Monday, 7 November 2016



Ever wondered what it would be like to just go with it? You know, buy that dress you saw even though you can’t really afford it? Have that cake even though you know you shouldn’t and enjoy every deliciously sinful mouthful?

How about the guy that keeps giving you the green light? Would you sit and wait for him to make a move or would you go for it? That’s what Ben asks himself when the hottie who’s been coming in for the same cup of coffee and blueberry muffin for the past two weeks knocks on his door…


The chime of the bell above the door heralded the arrival of another customer and the fine hairs on the back of Ben’s neck prickled. He was here—Brown-Eyes as Ben had christened him—right on time. Ben swallowed hard and turned around as nonchalantly as he could. Brown-Eyes sat at the table in the corner, the menu in his hand as he scanned the contents. Why he did that, Ben had no idea; he’d been ordering the same thing at the same time for the last two weeks. Every time he did it, Ben wondered if he was going to choose something different but it was always the same—a white coffee and a blueberry muffin.
Ben tried not to sigh out loud, barely achieving his goal as he remembered the first time the man came in. It had been late afternoon, just like now and Ben had been alone in the shop. Clem had left early that day, he couldn’t remember why, and this lean, toned, thick wavy chestnut-haired piece of tall, dark and drop dead gorgeous walked through the door. Ben had been absently chewing a mouthful of cheese and ham croissant at the time and nearly choked on it when he locked eyes with the stranger and his mouth dried up quicker than the Sahara in a sandstorm.
“Roll up your tongue,” Clem mumbled beside him.
“Shut up.” Ben took his notepad out of his pocket and squared his shoulders.
“Need a breath mint?”
Ben ignored Clem’s snicker and prayed he wouldn’t trip over his own feet on the way to the man’s table. Brown-Eyes looked up from the menu as he approached and, if Ben was given to whimsical prose, he would’ve sworn his knees trembled. Hell, who was he kidding? Everything trembled. He cleared his throat and stood, pen poised over the blank page of his notepad.
“Welcome to Perkatory, what can I get you?” Clearing his throat hadn’t made a damn bit of difference, he still sounded as though he’d sucked hard on a balloon full of helium.
“I’ll have a white coffee and a blue—”
“Berry muffin?” Ben finished for him. Brown-Eyes smiled and Ben’s cock pressed against his zipper as heat shot through him.
“Am I that predictable?”
Ben returned his smile. “It does seem to be your thing.”
“Okay….” Brown-Eyes leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. His gaze lazily drifted over Ben from tip to toe, touching on his name tag, before he said with a definite suggestive lilt. “… Ben. What would you recommend?”
Oh so many things… is what Ben thought, but what he actually said was, “The cinnamon and pumpkin muffins are good, if you’re looking for something with a little bite. Or the pumpkin cheesecake if you need to satisfy a sweet tooth.”
“Pumpkin cheesecake?” Brown-Eyes’ eyebrow tilted just a fraction as he added, “Will I be satisfied?”
“I can guarantee it.” The words were out of Ben’s mouth before he could stop them. What the hell was he doing flirting with a customer? Not that the customer in question seemed to mind. In fact, those deep brown eyes flashed fire as they rested for a tad too long than was perhaps proper on Ben’s crotch—thankfully hidden by his apron.
“Then how can I refuse?”
Ben blushed warmly and cleared his throat again. Maybe he was coming down with something? What? Sex-on-a-stick syndrome? Ben ignored his inner voice and scribbled the order down on his pad. “Coming right up,” he said briskly and turned on his heel before the wet noodles that had replaced his legs collapsed on him completely.
Ben did his best to avoid Clem’s gaze, as he took a mug off the shelf beside the coffee machine and put a paper coaster with the shop’s logo on the saucer. He could feel the son of a bitch staring at him as he filled the mug with freshly percolated coffee then added a dash of milk. Didn’t need to look at Clem to know he was smirking, so he continued with his task without a word, cutting a generous piece of cheesecake and putting it on a plate. He remained focused straight ahead as he sprinkled chocolate over the cheesecake and added a couple of slices of strawberry to garnish. Clem was willing him to look at him, even give him the teeniest of glances, but he was not going to cave. If he did, any attempt at being the slightest bit cool would crumble around him and leave him a bumbling mess with flushed cheeks and sneakers full of butt sweat.
“Enjoy,” Ben said with as natural a smile as he could manage as he placed the cheesecake and coffee in front of Brown-Eyes. Then he walked back to the counter and busied himself at the dishwasher.
“My God.
“Shut up.”
Thankfully Clem lowered his voice. “Do you have a penis?”
Ben groaned inwardly and finally met Clem’s gaze. “Do you have any boundaries?”
“Surprisingly, no.” Clem glanced over at the table where the customer was practically inhaling the cheesecake Ben had served him. “What are you wigging out for? He’s a hottie and he’s giving you the green light. Take the stick outta your ass and live a little.”

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Step Back in Time Sunday

We've not had one of these for a while so...

As he has announced his big comeback tour, it seems only appropriate to feature Mr Collins this week. In the Air Tonight is my favourite of Phil's songs and triggers wonderful memories. I hope it does the same for you this Halloween weekend. Enjoy....

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Time for a new me!

Well, when I say new me, I mean different me.

I'll still be me, just better packaged.

I'm getting married in eight months and I've made a couple of life-changing decisions of late:-

1) I have gone back onto the Cambridge Weight Plan and have lost half a stone in two weeks. It'll be a long road, but I feel I'm finally at a point in my life where I can do this - for me. Not for my fiance, not for my children, not because society tells me I should - but for me. I know I have a good man in my life who loves me for who I am, not for the size of my bum, and that when my children look at me they just see Mum - but loving yourself is the most important thing and right now I can't say I do.

2) The other decision is something I've struggled with for a long time. When you're a parent you're constantly telling your kids to wash their hands and clean their teeth. I got the hand washing thing down pat, but taking care of my teeth is something I wouldn't get a gold star in. (I had a terrifying experience at the hands of a cruel dentist many years ago and it was ten years inbetween visits because I was so scared). They've bothered me for a long time, are discolored and some are loose but, as the wedding approaches, the thought of having my photo taken over and over again is kind of taking the shine off my bauble if you know what I mean. I've even found myself starting to cover my mouth when I talk, smiling close-mouthed, and even trying to avoid situations where I have to interact with other people because of how my teeth make me feel.

So, after a long talk with my new dentist (a lovely young lady called Anu) next Monday I am having my front bottom four teeth out and replaced with a denture. It wasn't exactly how I envisioned my life going at this point but I've pulled up my big girl knickers and made the decision with the backing of my wonderful family.

Hopefully - in a few weeks, I'll be able to smile again!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Happy Sproglets!

I apologise for this post, which is a purely gratuitous look into Worrall World.

While the children were away with their Dad for a week, him indoors and I re-decorated their rooms as a surprise. They had absoluely no idea!

This is their reaction....


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Before You Came - For Kelvin

Poetry is not my forte - but was feeling mushy :)

For Kelvin

Before you came it was hard
To get out of bed
To open the blinds
To let the light in

Before you came I was hard
Locked away in my tower
Behind the high walls
I'd built around my heart

Before you came love was hard
Full of self-doubt and loathing
Full of pain and heartache
Full of not good enough

But then you came
Gave me a reason to get out of bed
To open the blinds
You brought the light with you

But then you came
Climbed the tower
Broke down the walls
Slipped inside my heart

But then you came
Showed me love was easy
Gave me back myself
I know I'm good enough

Thursday, 21 July 2016


It's finally here - the Summer Holidays - God help us all!

I know there will be the endless stream of "Mum can I" and "Mum will you", but I know one can never truly prepare for the lengths of madness these questions will send you into.

The first week should be okay. It's only seven days, right? Get the first week out of the way and the rest will be a piece of cake. Sorry, I'm laughing so hard at my own idiotic positivity. Nothing about the next seven weeks is going to be a piece of anything. Unless you count the pieces of my hair that fall to floor as I tear it out in clumps, or the little bits of my sanity that will inevitably leak out of my ears.

Those of you who know me are aware I adore my children. "The Boy" is 12 years old with the attitude to match and "The Girl" is 10, always has to have the last word and has made picking her nose an artform. As kids go they're not bad. They play, they argue, they make-up then it starts all over again - so goes the circle of siblingdom. I know what it's like - even if they think I am a thousand years old and know nothing - I have an older brother and a younger sister. I've been there and done that, got the T-shirt, the duvet set and the photo ops. And, of course, at times I can hear my darling mum laughing from her bird's eye view in heaven as she says, "Payback's a bitch!"

So this is my little gift to all you mum's out there who are desperately trying to plan the next few weeks around work, the house, holidays and the lamented cry of "I'm bored!" which will come sooner than you think - believe me. Everytime you find yourself curling your fingers in your hair and grabbing a clump, sit back, take a deep breath and think about that glass of well-deserved wine and much needed slab of chocolate that awaits you at the end of the day when the little bast-- darlings have gone to bed. Then you can finally relax - until it starts all over again!

Good luck, my fellow warriors. As we head into the battle, pull up your big girl knickers and make sure you have your bra fastened securely. It's going to be a bumpy ride and we don't want anyone getting hurt!

Have a wonderful summer and remember, you're not alone!

Monday, 18 July 2016


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